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About Us


Our Story

The Social Consult was founded by Dr. Niama T. Malachi, LCBB, CMS, an organizational and community psychologist in 2019, solely to provide process improvement, strategic planning, and change management services to corporate entities. Its evolution occurred in 2020 when Dr. Malachi saw it urgent to bridge her consulting psychology background with her relentless, lifelong pursuit to resolve social issues. Soon after,  Executive Coaching, Corporate Wellness, and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging were added to the Social Consult's line of services. The Social Consult's offerings were then expanded to not for profit organizations and government entities.

The Social Consult has grown to  include dynamic and compassionate consulting partners and a Generation Z internship program, providing a space for emerging leaders to be creative,  innovative and enterprising.



The Social Consult’s mission is to help our clients reach their objectives, while pouring into the soul of the organization, their people. We are committed to both tradition and compassion by fusing evidence-based methods with social well-being.

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A Message From The CEO

I am so very ecstatic about you stopping by. The Social Consult is an idea that was conceptualized at the height of the 2020 pandemic and a vision that we know will last the test of time. At The Social Consult, we are visualizing a world where people and organizations grow together. We believe in synergy, partnership, loving what you do and doing what you love. There was once a time, where people saw their careers as an important part of their livelihoods, and their workplaces and colleagues as an extension of their homes. We noticed that some people feel that the world is not so much that way anymore due to increased turnover rates, increased dissatisfaction, expressed burnout, and other not so great revelations emerging from the pandemic. As a solution, we decided it was time to REIMAGINE SUCCESS as HUMANE. And that’s what we do. Our conviction at The Social Consult is that organizations perform better when they are deliberate about their role in society and act in the interests of their teams, those they serve and their community. That is why it is more important than ever that your organization and its management be guided by purpose. 

Given the breadth of our impactful journey, being an expert on executive coaching, people and culture consulting and of diversity equity and inclusion. We’re convinced that you’ll be the driving force to redefine equity and equality, giving legacy builders like YOU the freedom they need to pursue their purpose. We continuously celebrate milestones with evolving organizations, such as yours, and people like you, which we proudly relish. 

Wow, what a magnificent place we are in, where we can be innovative, imaginative, and creative, as we redesign how we operate our organizations and contribute to our communities in alignment with our ever changing world. 


Dr. Niama T. Malachi

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