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Re-Imagining Success As Humane

The Social Consult is an executive coaching and people & culture consulting firm dedicated to the continuous growth and well-being of people, organizations and communities.

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We are reimagining success as humane and aim to set a standard where organizations and people grow together. The Social Consult applies a holistic purview across systems/operations and human well being while working with medium to large-sized organizations, nonprofit organizations, and government entities. 

The Social Consult provides a holistic, albeit rare approach that specializes BOTH in effective operations, as well as human well being. Lead by a credentialed community and organizational psychologist, social responsibility fuels the delivery of management and people and culture consulting services through the application of psychological principles and practices. The Social Consult has a record of achieving sustainable growth for management, organizations AND individuals. 

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It was a pleasure working with Dr. Malachi. Aside from her astute analytical skills, she was very much a team champion. She successfully led various senior leadership projects and communicated the needs of the organization effectively.

Michael Sherbun, RN, MHA - Vice President

Our Impact:

In the last 5 years we've worked with


> 100 executives


helping them to achieve their goals and lead their organizations to new heights.

Our initiatives have positively influenced

 > 2000 employees

fostering growth, development, and a stronger organizational culture.

We've made a meaningful impact on

>10 million community members


helping to build a more connected and supportive community.

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To set a standard where organizations and people grow together

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Who We’ve Served

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And More...

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Dr. Malachi provided exceptional support for me. She understood the needs of the organization and aided me in implementing and executing our strategic plan. She was reliable and trusted for guidance by our Senior Leadership team.

David Fletcher-Janzen, CEO

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