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Life Coach in

Chicago Loop

If you are in the Chicago Loop region and need a life coach, The Social Consult is the only name you need to know. Our team can help you elevate your strength building, talent recognition, self-acceptance, and so much more. We have helped individuals as well as organizations recognize their potential and achieve their life goals. With the right motivation, no goal is unattainable.

From our experience, most individuals and organizations are unaware of their true untapped potential. We are here to make sure you not only know your potential, but that you achieve it.

To book a consultation, call us at (312) 218-4388.


Life Coaching for Organizations

The Social Consult provides a variety of services for small to medium-sized businesses as well as non-profit organizations. We tailor our coaching strategies to best suit your needs.

Our life coaching services are available in three different components.

Our first component is a Needs Assessment, a process where we consult with organizations to determine what organizational improvements they want to make. In this stage, we offer our proficient services to determine the needs or gaps between the organization's future and where it stands in its current state.

Secondly, we offer Organizational Consulting, where we use our Six Sigma method. This process improves your company’s organizational processes. We use tools such as DMAIC Methodology, PDCA Methodology, Project Charter, and many more to assure that your company is heading in the right direction.

Lastly, we can implement Executive Coaching, which provides employers and employees the necessary skills needed to reach their goals. This method is used to enhance performance in a supportive, structured, and safe environment. For this, we use tools such as positive psychology, character building, and many others.

Do you have questions about our approach? Call us at (312) 218-4388, and one of our representatives will gladly answer them!

Life Coaching for Individuals

The Social Consult also provides life coaching services to individuals searching for strength building, talent recognition, and self-acceptance. We begin with a thorough consultation where we note your goals as well as your current habits and routines. We then make a customized plan that is completely personalized to you and your goals. With our services, we can motivate you to reach your untapped potential.

  Skills we can help you with include:

  • Leadership

  • Interpersonal communication

  • Networking

  • Management skills

  • Clarifying goals and steps

  • Setting boundaries

  • Reducing anxiety

  • Increasing confidence

  • And more!


The Best Life Coach in Chicago Loop Is Just a Call Away

The Social Consult is the best life coaching company in the Chicago Loop region. We have motivated countless organizations and individuals to reach goals they never thought were attainable.

Are you ready to reach your full potential?


Then call The Social Consult at (312) 218-4388 to book a consultation today!